Friday, May 20, 2011

Athens Farmers Market

Did you now there is a farmers market in Athens?  It is every Saturday morning. Last Saturday morning was the first time we went to sell stuff. Our mom sells bread, jam, and things she sews. 

My brother ad I sell 550 cord stuff (paracord) like bracelets and key chains.

paracord 005

paracord 007

paracord 010

paracord 016

We are also selling water bottles to earn money to buy a Water Buffalo for Gospel for Asia I am hoping next time, I will sell yellow squash.

This Saturday,  I will not be there, because we have a Junior Master Gardener meeting.

I am planning to sell 550 cord key chains and bracelets here on my blog and maybe other places online too.

may 2011 164


  1. Hi Peter, I really like your 550 cord items. I hope you earn a lot of money for the Water Buffalo. God Bless, Christopher

  2. How cool Peter. I've been wanting to find your blog & now I fond it!!!